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With a specific end goal to keep your vehicle running cleanly and efficiently we recommend it's sensible to get your exhaust checked at least once a year.

Your exhaust has four fundamental functions: to control noise, to direct exhaust fumes away from passengers, to improve the performance of the engine and to enhance fuel consumption.

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the amount of engine valves it has, the layout of your vehicle exhaust system may fluctuate. Nonetheless, all exhausts work in the similar way in order to remove harmful exhaust gases from the engine which are produced while the engine is running.

We offer exhaust checks where we will complete a visual assessment of the exhaust and it's mountings to check for any physical damage, leaking joints and corrosion.  In the event that we discover a repair or replacement is required we'll give you a no-obligation quotation along with an estimate of how long the repair will take to complete by one of our trained mechanics.


Our mobile mechanic team are fully qualified mechanics and have a huge range of skills and experience in on site mobile mechanic repairs. We cover Basingstoke and the surrounding areas, so you can get your repairs carried out in the most convenient place for you, whether that is home or work, we've got you covered.


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Our hourly rate includes a small rate for consumables that we use on your vehicle whilst work is being carried out.